Animated short movie "COMBINE"

Hi! My name is Alexander and I’m a 3d artist. For some time I wanted to make animated short sci-fi movie in retrofuturistic style. To be realistic, I’m aiming for 3-5min of animation. I decided to choose UE4 because well, make whole movie in realtime is much funnier in my opinion. More visual, I guess.

So, my project called “Combine”


Action scene on giant atomic train which transporting rare ore from mine to space port.


About some 3d modelling stuff you can check out my thread on polycount.

To slowly study UE4 I set milestones. Teaser trailers. Please watch with sound.

Link on vimeo video](COMBINE teaser on Vimeo)

And the second

Link on vimeo video](COMBINE teaser 2 on Vimeo)

Still need to do a lot more on this project but it is already quite a journey for me. And I’m happy to share results with you. Cheers!
When Ill have something new to show I’ll post it here.


Great work so far. Love the detail.

Hi! I’m very glad you like it :slight_smile: I’m still need to model cargo train and environment, but overall project modelling is 70% complete. I hope until the end of 2019 I’ll finish it.

Quite some time ago, I worked on the FPS animation for the character. Basically at this stage I wanted to decide what to do with this part of the movie. Ideally I wanted to have 2 fields of view in a same frame. One for environment like 60 and for hands 20-30. Or I can deform current meshes for strict camera FOV with FFD but I am not a fan of this idea at all. Well, when time will come I’ll experiment with those renders in practice.

Hi! There is new article about my project on
Check it out!