Animated sequence from 3d max PROBLEM!

I created simple animation in 3d max between 1 and 50 frame. This is cloth animation. It looks fine in 3d max but I can’t import that into UE4.
Is there any tutorial or way to export this animated sequence from 3d max and import it to UE4?
I try to create fbx, but it doesn’t work propertly.
Can someone help me?

ok afaik UE4 doesn’t import cloth anims, what you need to do is use apex cloth, nvidia has some older video tutorials on the subject, once you have you apex asset you can load it onto your skeletal mesh

might help you along the way

I have the same problem. For example I managed to get an APEX cloth into unreal and the wind is blowing through the mesh.
**1.**As ur_user said I don’t know how to export an animation applied to this cloth. Something like this.
2. How do i get some collision on the APEX cloth ??

Any luck to sorting this? Having the same situation myself! :slight_smile: