Animated Pirate Pack from Ironbelly Studios

Fans of Pirate melee and treasure seeking will be happy to know that the Animated Pirate Pack from Ironbelly Studios is now LIVEon the Marketplace!

**The Animated Pirate Pack Includes: **

  • FP Arms with tattoo and rings
  • Flintock Pistol
  • Sword
  • Scroll

As always, if there is something you want custom, let us know!

Here’s a look at the arms and the scroll included in the pack…gonna save the weapons for later yaar!

Oh god, this cant be true, my suggestion came true hahahah. Thanks a lot IronBelly!! i hope u expand this pack in a future ^^
PD: plz a video or a gif of the flintlock’s anim.

We aim to please @Neff10 :slight_smile: We’ll post vids once the pack launches! In the meantime, here’s a close up of the Flintlock:

Yarr take a gander at these pirate arms, ready to hunt for gold or other bounty. These arms are included in the Pirate Pack and can also be used with any one of our packs. We’re always open to custom animations or modeling, so if that’s what you’re after give us a shout.

Ahoy mateys, today’s thee day for the Animated Pirate Packto launch on the Marketplace! Grab your bounty and fill yer boots with this new pack complete with Animated FP Arms with a pirate’s rings and some grime from the seas.

Have you found treasure with the Ironbelly Animated Pirate Pack yet? Well what are you waiting for matey? And of course if you be needing a level designed or characters to go along with it**, just let us know!**]([URL=“”]