Animated music video with Unreal Engine 5 stylized characters “Put Your Noggles On”

Click on the picture below to watch the music video

The animations are animated and edited in Unreal Engine 5 ! “lumen”


Hi again @ArashNegahban,

Hope you’ve been well!

As always, you absolutely knocked it out of the park with this art style. The characters are charming and the environments are super fun! Wonderful job :slight_smile:

Happy developing and can’t wait to see your next vid!


Thank you!:pray:

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“And another one!” - DJ Khaled

As like the previous video, this one is also full of excitement, great music, and dope choreography! I really like the way the transparency looks on the mug Noun! Amazing work!

Are the Nouns your own? Are they always awarded to the winner in 2D format? …Or are you contracted with to create these awesome promo videos? …Or are your Nouns projects funded by Nouns?

Now off to get my hands on some Noggles! ⌐◨-◨

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