Animated/Moving loading screen

I would like to make a loading screen that has some type of animation, from a simple spinning circle to a slightly more advanced moving tips in the corner. Even just a simple loading percentage like Subnautica.

I think this could be done by showing a widget while the next level loads, but I don’t know how to load a level without stopping the previous level and immediately opening into the next level. I imagine a loading screen where it gives you some tips while loading the next level and when it’s done it will continue once you press a button/key.

Is this possible?

If you really want the loading screen to appear for a longer duration, you can simply use a delay.

Or, if you want it to load the level in the background and wait for user input, you can try either setting up a boolean, which is true when the level is loaded and the loading screen is active, letting your BP know that when the user presses the desired key, you want to close the widget (and then set the bool to false).

There are a few built in animated loading screen assets (a spinner, and some animated dots), otherwise to create your own, the widget editor has built in animation capabilities.