Animated Metahuman returns to t-pose when recording via sequencer UE 4.27


I have animated a meta-human riding a bicycle using the control rig and sequencer and have added this track as a sub-scene track to another sequence. When playing this sequence in the editor, it works just fine however when using Movie render queue or sequencer the output frames/video ignore the animations and the metahuman is in the t-pose. Am I missing some settings?


may have to look to see if the level it’s in is being loaded?

Hi thanks for the reply, there is only one level however. I’ve done a few more tests and sometimes it works when using legacy sequencer, but when movie render queue is used, the metahuman animations and keyframes do not play

Has anyone found a fix for this problem? I am encountering the same issue

For anyone else wondering, It looks like if I change the game mode override to “none” in the movie render queue settings it fixes the problem.