Animated menu screens

hello guys i’m again ask for a little, help, i’m planing in making a 3d main menu and character selection and in both you gonna have a “character” on them.

My request would be a "little tutorial about "how i can make the character "play animations when you make "some choices.

for exemple when in the main menu you choose to “start game” the character will shout something lik the god of war serie, he will start loopíng in a iddle animation", then when the player choose a option he will make a different animation before the “new scene come” like again when you click in the start game before it go to character selection screen the character will make a animation then the game will move to the “select character screen” where the characters will be sitting in a chair then when you click in the character he get up then a option to "choose the main skin or diferent skins come up, then after you choose and a new "confirm pop up box come and after you confirm he will do another animation then the first level is loaded,

i would love a little tutorial about how to make the characters do that animations procedures, what would be a good way, don’t need to be the full system about how to create the full menu and all options, just how to proper add the characters and make then have the proper animations, like how to make it start in the idle then when "click in a option how to make it play a diferent animation before goes to the next “step”, how to make that screens looks more alive.

to be clear i’m planing in the "character have more reactions based on the “options you choose” like if you choose the “options” then the character will do another action, or if you choose quit then another action and things like that.

how i can proper handle that “animation” and if must do that in character blue print or in level blue print or in both.

would be really good a mini tutorial at last some pictures of how must look the blueprint for that part.

Create an animation blueprint for the charcater, put a state in it that plays idle. Then you can use animation montages to override the idle anim. You can use the PlayAnimMontage blueprint node on the character to start a montage.

@Ellessarr Were you able to build a menu like that ?
if yes please respond with the process how you achieved it.