Animated Medieval Starter Kit from Ironbelly

Our new Medieval Starter Kit pack, with everything you’ll need to stage an epic battle, has just been launched:

It’s the perfect pack for anyone making a game set in feudal days of Lords and Ladies. The Starter Kit also includes three sets of FP arms: leather, cloth and chainmail.

**Medieval Weapons Starter Kit includes: **

  • Arbalest Crossbow
  • Hand Crossbow
  • Heavy European Crossbow
  • Light European Crossbow
  • Homemade Bow
  • Recurved Bow
  • Longbow
  • War Hammer
  • Flail
  • Morningstar
  • Spear
  • Quiver and Arrows
  • Leather FP Arms
  • Chainmail FP Arms
  • Cloth FP Arms

**FAQ’S: **
1. Are the first person arms compatible with the Epic standard rig?
Yes, there is an extra bone that won’t transfer over but also won’t cause any trouble or errors. The arms are also interchangeable with any weapon pack purchased from IB.

*2. Are the animations in the demo the same that are available in the weapon pack? *
Yes, the blueprint folder in the weapon packs has the same animations we show off in the demo video.

3. Can the weapons be used in 3rd person?
We include 3 LOD meshes of each weapon so you could just use LOD2 and reduce the texture resolution and/or simplify the shader for your third person game.

4. What comes with each model?
Each model will include with 4K PBR textures for stunning detail and multiple LODs for those who need performance.

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Hi is there is the spear sold by its self and does it have animations thanks.

As of right now, we’re not planning on packaging the spear on its own, but it does have animations with the FP arms included in the Starter kit. I was hoping you’d catch this post so you know what’s coming down the pipeline :slight_smile: Cheers!

Here’s a closer look at one of the crossbows included in the Medieval Starter kit: Light European Crossbow

Let’s have another look at the Hand Crossbow in the Starter Kit. We’ve got an Arbalest Crossbow, a Heavy and Light European and a Hand Crossbow with custom animations for each. If you’re looking for weapons for your Jolly Ol project from feudal days, look no further! As always, if what you need isn’t already included in the pack, we are available for custom work. Just let us know over on our

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Any chance you will add the spear to the melee pack? really want to pick it up, i have parts of this kit so its a waste to buy it when i already own 40% of it.

We will likely be releasing an Animated Medieval bladed pack in the next couple of months

Ah sounds great will pick that up for sure :), could you please reply to my PM to please thanks.

Hey there- got your PM and will email you today. Just getting through a few things, but I’ll make sure it gets taken care of before COB. Cheers!

We’ve got Medieval Arms for days in the Medieval Starter Kit. With Animations, FP arms, crossbows, LODs, Bows, a quiver and more you just can’t beat that! Coming soon to a marketplace near you :slight_smile:

Proud to announce that our pack made it through the gauntlet and is finally up on the marketplace:…arter-kit-pack. Here’s a quick taste of a couple crossbows:

Happy to announce that we are finishing off some sword and shield assets to include as a free update in this pack down the road!

Could you showcase this asset used in Virtual Reality?

Hey @meuliano we know that this Early Access game for the HTC Vive (start at 00:39 secs) used the bows, crossbows, arms and some other weapons from the pack in their VR title. Cheers!

does it have VR support from the start? Or is that something that I would have to integrate myself?
It looks like a fantastic pack, but I just want to make sure I know what I am buying if I am trying to use it in VR.

It will work in your VR project, but you’d have to do the leg work to integrate it.

This pack could definitely do with a sword and appropriate anims. That’s like the default medieval weapon!

Thanks for the suggestion @Dalai ! We had someone else make that suggestion and its something we’re working on and could add into the pack in the next few months. Cheers!

Hello. please tell me! will the battle animations work both from 3 persons and from 1 st?
Thank you!

Hey @yakuza1991 sorry for the delay in responding! The melee animations will work in 3rd person with a lower LOD, but they aren’t made for it specifically. We’re working on 3rd person animations as an update to the packs but can’t say when they will go live.