animated Maya paint effect strokes

Forgive me for posting a Q. about something that’s in the forum somewhere, but I have been stumped for a week now.

I made an animated mesh from paint effect strokes in Maya. It is some foliage which has keys on its growth attributes.

I converted the stroke to poly’s and exported as a baked animation via .fbx and sent it to unreal engine 4.

I can import it in ue4 as a static mesh, or, as a skeletal animation, but it just wont play the animation.

Is paint effect strokes compatible with ue4, or is it because the vertex count changes over the frames, is this even possible?

Currently only possible via alembic.
Other option would to use bones that scale out from 0 to simulate the growing animation. That would require you rig the thing with custom joints and paint skinweights tho.