Animated material

I want to have a hole in the ground that moves away from the player. The whole needs to have blueprint functionality, so I thought I could use a decal of the ground sarrounding the hole, on top of a transparent material, like a decal on glass. Apparently this can’t be done, and there seems to be no material nodes for referencing actors positions in the scene other than the actor the material’s for.
I thought I could use the sphere mask node, but it’s the same problem.
Any ideas?

If you have a decal that looks like a hole when you put it on the ground, you can just add this decal to a BP, and program that to move away from the player…

You would use a vector3 parameter in your material to represent the location you want the effect (such as sphere mask) to appear, then you can set that parameter from blueprint to be the location of anything you want.

Thanks guys. I now know about material instances and controlling material parameters from blueprints.