Animated Material Frac/Time Not Starting at 0.

I have a material that is an animated logo. Since I can’t use flipbooks with the UMG system (or can i?) I am using a flipbook node inside the material, which does animate. The problem is, I want to start and stop the animation as needed. So I set a scalar parameter and set it using the dynamic material instance inside the widget. This works. However, the problem is with the timing.

There should be a 1 second pause between animation cycles. The logo does its thing, a 1 second delay runs then sets the scalar to 0. After another second, it resets the scalar back to 0.8 (the desired value). This works but the animation seems to start at some random point rather than starting from 0. I assume this has something to do with a rounding error. But I’m not 100% sure.

If I don’t modify the scalar value after the initial start, it will loop continuously and seamlessly. I suppose I could go back and add in some static frames but I should be able to achieve the same delay effect with this setup.



I ultimately decided to hand animate it. Not sure why Unreal doesn’t support flipbook animations in the UI. That seems to be something folks would want.

The method I took was to create an array of the images and pass them into the brush. like this. I wrapped my array inside a struct though you don’t really need to do that. That’s more for if I ever need to call it somewhere else I don’t have to make it again. I suppose an enum would work here too.