Animated Material-color overlay in sequenser(How to do it?)

Ok, I’ll make this question as specific as possible.

I want to create an animated overlay texture, or material, that will colour or change the texture of a specific portion of my mesh-model.

For eg, I want to colour a specific area of my 3D map, the way that you can do it with animated shape layers in after effects.

I tried some methods, but the thing is that firstly I can’t colour a specific area and secondly I can’t freely animate an area or change its shape dynamically.

Let’s say I have a 3D map of Italy, and I want to designate a specific area with a colour, how do I do this? And HOW do I change this shape dynamically?

Thanks in advance.

So, would anyone help?
Thanks again

Is there even an answer to this question, I wonder…

I am not sure if this would be possible to achieve within a material, if it is it sounds like it would be very complicated to do. Have you tried creating it in after effects and importing the video into UE4 and playing it through a material?

You could take a look at Color Regions if you don’t need exact contours.

If you have specific areas you could build your model with multiple materials and simply control their color and settings individually in the sequencer.
If you need it to grow then you could build the material with a grayscale gradation and use a threshold so it’s a mask for coloring.

Thanks, everyone for the answers, I’ll try to check each proposed solution individually.