Animated lightmaps ?

There is the coolest feature that stock UE4 is missing:

The author doesn’t seem to be found anywhere :frowning:

Can someone please fork it, turn it into a plugin and release it in binary form for PC/Android (Gear VR) platform for UE 4.11 and up ?

**** that looks awesome O.o Yeah as a plugin, it would rock!

From project page


Q: Is is possible to make MLDB into a plugin? A: MLDB requires modification in UE4’s base pass renderer, which makes it very hard to write a plugin now.

Q: Does MLDB support blending light probes? A: Indirect lighting cache is the UE4 name for light probes, so MLDB has this feature. When it comes to skylight cubemaps, official UE4 has already supported cubemap blending, using bp function SetCubemapBlend.

But sure, it looks awesome, bump on this and hope epic catch on this.