Animated lighting question

Dear community,
could you advice me, how to in Unreal achieve the lighting effect presented in this video?

I am thinking for instance about a changeble material, which is changing from opal glass to light emitting material. But how to achieve that each ball (or group of balls) activates the light in different time?
The output should be an archviz animation.

Thanks a lot!

this would be a game-play element, not really an animation.
You can go the material route, just create a sphere mask and expand the size of it over time to get more balls to light up.

Or you can have each individual ball as a point light inside a clear/transparent sphere.
Make the point lights part of an array with all the elements, and manipulate the intensity of the lights via a sine node so they brighten up and dim back down predictably with a timeline.
The order of the point lights in the array will dictate which light first.
So if you need to mimic the chandelier in the video you end up having a few arrays, one per level, and controlling the brightness per level. - which may actually get you even better effects…

Thank you very much for your quick response.
I am quite new (cca 1-2 months) in UE4 and so far been working more on interior lighting and more basic stuff, so please be patient with me =)
​​​​​​​Especially work with nodes and blueprints is really difficult for me so far (in czech republic we describe it as" it is a spanish village for me" :D).

Regarding your proposals:
Option 1 (sphere mask). Can you please explain this option in bigger detail? Should all the balls have the same material or should I work with the arrays? How the material rouute with sphere mask and size expansion should look like?
I would like to keep the opal glass material visible when the ball is not lit, so the option two with transparent glassball is not an option unfortunetaly…

I would be glad if you answer, but up on you and your time!
Kind regards,

Start small, creating custom materials for the other objects, move up to including the sphere masks or custom alpha masks, you’ll get the hang of it.

Thank you, I will have a look at it!