Animated Interaction: Doors and Locks

Animated Interaction: Doors and Locks allows you to quickly and easily create animated (timeline controlled) doors, locks, and other moving systems with basic network replication using your own meshes.

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  • Non destructive, easy to implement and use
  • Basic dedicated and listen server support (replicates Events from server, no input prediction or any other advanced logic)
  • Bind multiple openables to interact with all at once. Used for double doors and vault door in demo
  • Check if input got used for interaction to use same key for both Interacting and any other action (e.g. firing a gun)
  • Supports First/Third person, Top Down, full VR, and probably any other
  • Mesh collision detection prioritizes Lockset. Prevents accidentally grabbing door when intended to grab handle. Mostly useful in VR
  • Select any actor as a key
  • Basic inventory system for picking up keys (not visual, just a string array)
  • Basic, modifiable sound system for playing sounds when certain events happen e.g. door opened, lock got unlocked, etc.

Known bugs/solutions:

Update 1:

  1. Remade template system for 4.24+,
  2. VR input for Demo character is added automatically.



Convert template created pre 4.24 update to new system:

  1. Open an old template, copy its PASTE_Properties variable,
  2. Create a template from any Openable in level using new method (right click -> Scripted Actions -> Create Template ), name it same as old template (or similar if it is in the same folder),
  3. Open Blueprints -> Core -> Template -> DA_TemplateDataStorageAnimatedOpenable, you’ll see an entry with the name of newly created template, press little arrow on its left and paste previously copied PASTE_Properties and save it,
  4. Repeat this process every template.