Animated FBX from BLENDER to UE4 = Solution ?

Hey All!

It all started in this thread, and worked very well… but it seems like I don’t get it and need your help.

I did watch the twitch broadcast which was very good and detailed, but unfortunately not helping my purpose because it focused more in the re-targeting and game-related player character, but I still highly recommend every Blender user to watch it! :slight_smile:

I must mention that I’m trying so many ways to solve something that supposed to be very simple:

1 - I’ve animated a simple character in Blender + Shape-Key (morph target) for open/closed mouth, Lip-Sync to audio on 30 FPS. so far so good, working smooth in Blender as you can see in this simple test:

2 - I want to take it “AS IS” and PLAY it on UE4 so it will play on 30fps as it is in Blender but in real-time of course.

You got the idea, it’s a cinematic not a game/character/player.

Can somebody please guide me, what I do wrong? or how to do it step-by-step and see it finally WORKS inside UE4 ?
that will be the best way for me to learn and understand the workflow.

Thanks ahead and sorry about my bad English.