Animated chests pack

Hello people ! My animated chest pack is now on Trello. Well they made a mistake by putting the first pack ( which only contains closed static meshes ) but it’s being corrected.

Sooooo the REAL pack contains 10 open chests, 10 closed chests, and 10 animated chests in blueprint. Each chest has 3 LOD’s and collisions. They are not fantasy chests but realistic chests and trunks you can find anywhere.

Please upvote me ^^.

looks awesome gj!

They look pepsi sexy! Hope to see them on the marketplace. :slight_smile:

“So real! That they are. . . Well. . .” (puts pinky to corner of mouth) . . “Unreal, perhaps?”

insert Zoidberg meme here

" Your pun was bad, and you should feel bad !" ^^

Thanks guys.

Those look awesome, voted! What’s the poly count on the base meshes?

The average tricount for LOD0 must be like 2000. Some are more simple and only have 800 tris, other with lot of modelized details have 4000-6000 tris I think, I don’t have the exact numbers.

But note that most of them have champfers and custom normals instead of hard edges, that’s why the tricount is so high. And I’ve put a lot of tris in the rounded parts like the handle so it look smooth at close range. Then LOD1 approximately has half that tricount, and LOD2 has half the tricount of LOD1.

LOD0 is really made for when you get really close in first person view.

Are there any pivot points defined to make it easy to put objects in them?

Mmmmh no, I can’t guess what or if people want to put something in them. Each chest has a pivot at its base.

I think I used the wrong terminology. I think I meant a socket. It just allows you to define a point of attachment, so if I wanted to, I could attach an object to it, and when I move your box, the object would go with it. So say, I put a gun in the box, if I move or rotate the box, the gun will too. Just an idea :slight_smile:

+1 for that, sounds great.

Yes hurry up and get them on the marketplace! I love blowing my allowance on game assets. :smiley:

These really do look fantastic. I personally have no use for them but I most certainly think they should be on the marketplace. Voted.

Amazing Chest ahead!