Animated character but not playable

Hi all

I want to create a human character and animate it (scriped not randomly) like mouth eyes and stuff.
My question is, how can I do this like which program do I need for that?


Just export a MakeHuman Character as mhx2 into blender. You will need to download MakeHuman+some MakeHuman plugins for blender like the mhx2 one and Blender 2.79 (not sure if it will work with 2.80 already).

In blender you will see the bones, which you can rotate and save as poses / animation frames. You don’t even need to set an animation for every frame, because blender interpolates automatically between the “poses”. For the face there is an expression / face units menu, where you can animate mouth, eyes etc.

For a good start you can import some bvh files for your character into blender and make some minor adjustments, because they are not perfect.

It’s very simple to do and just a matter of seconds, but difficult to explain to a beginner, because there are many menus and different shortcuts and multiple applications etc. involved.

For a start I would look into MakeHuman first (or another character creation program of your choice) and learn the basic stuff and underlying concepts like what’s a topology, rig, mesh, morph targets, inverse/forward kinematics (there are many tutorials for it; the MakeHuman site has good tutorials too and you will need to understand it in order to use it in blender) etc. and then you can look into the actual blender part (shortcuts, menus, modes, posing/animating) and lastly on how to use it in UE4.