Animated buttons UMG - Couple of how to questions

Hi guys, been learning Unreal for a couple of weeks now, and I am mostly interested in the UMG side of things (the route in which I am going down is more of an interactive information “game”) so I have several questions about the best or right way to do things.

first example 01: I have an animated texture created from a media player file, which in turn has been turned into a material to be used on a button in UMG. Great so I have an animated button right off the bat, now I want to make it more complicated, by having a hoover over and clicked version, there is options for this on the button so that is great also, or so I thought. I have experienced a few problems with this set-up, upon hovering over the transition between normal and hover is abrupt and unpleasant on the eye. is there a way to blend the transition / fade in/out? is this the best way to make it or should I be doing this as a blueprint entirely? And of course when using the “clicked” stage the animation does not play out in it’s entirety have to keep my left click down in order for it to play out, how do I control this? I am worried I am asking too much from UMG, is there a better practise to achieve this? I am working with a motion graphic designer so we can come up with some really sweet UI designs but it’s just the implementation of them into unreal I am having problems with.

second example 02: are there round buttons? right now when I want the button to change from normal to hoovered it will change when the mouse is in the square boarder of the button, regardless if the content is a circle, so at the corners this looks worst than if the cursor comes from the corners…

thanks and I appreciate any help / guidance!