Animate VR-Camera in First Person

Hey there,
im looking quite a while for a solution to my problem.
I want to make a little “Space Jump” for the Oculus Rift. For this i want to make a little cutscene-like intro, when the level starts. You sit in a Space-capsule an hear some radio from the ground-station.
Here you can look around a little bit, until your character moves up and take a few steps to the edge of the capsule, there you can look around, until the character jumps off it.
And when you fall you can look around with the Oculus, see the space-capsule and so on.
Important is: you dont have to do a single input, by Keyboard, or controller or so. It has to be more like a little movie.

I tried some things like spring arms, a matinee-cutscene… now im thinking of a camera attached to an “animatet bone”. But maybe one of you guys has a better idea/solution to my problem?