Animate the face in a BP_player MH

So, i’ve made a Third Person Character with a metahuman.
I wanted to have some fun and tried to add some facial animations according to what the player does.

Prob is, as I had to do a “Set Master pose” with body mesh as parent, the animation BP of the face doesn’t work. Any idea how to combine the two of them?

(if i unlink the face component from the set master pose, the face just fly)

bump for this same question. cant get facial animations to work. but the body is animating just fine

Prob is, as I had to do a “Set Master pose” with body mesh as parent

Don’t do that for the Face. It does not sync with the Mesh anim BP with a SetMasterPose. Instead, Face uses its own anim BP (in your MH folder look for Common\Face_AnimBP) . It is in sync with the Mesh anim BP because in the Face_AnimBP anim graph, the cache pose is created with the node ‘Copy Pose from Mesh’. Which basically IMO copies the transforms of the head bone (this bone being at the intersection between the body skeleton and the face skeleton), thereby ensuring synchronization between Mesh and Face.
Anyway, in the Face_AnimBP (or another custom anim BP inspired by Face_AnimBP, which your Third person character’s Face will use), try to play a face anim sequence by blending it with the cache pose, you’ll see that the face is animating just fine, even if the metahuman has its own character blueprint (that’s my setup currently, everything works fine)

Thanks for the answer! It seems like this is exactly the way it should all work. But I’m afraid that I still don’t quite understand how to play a certain animation on the face while the body is doing it’s thing. What exactly do you mean by blending a face animation with the cache pose inside the AnimGraph of the Face_AnimBP and how can I do that?