Animate pointclouds using the Niagara system? Is this possible?

I’ve been looking everywhere for some tutorials to be able to animate LiDAR scanned pointclouds in unreal but haven’t found any documentations there! And while learning about niagara it got me thinking about if I could connect Niagara systems to point clouds the implications could be awesome! Does anyone have any resources on this? Would be a big help!

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Cool question!

I’ve seen Niagara ingest data from static/skeletal meshes, but I’m not sure about lidar data.

This thread mentions importing the lidar data to houdini and then importing from houdini to niagara.

In the 5.0 Content Examples project → Niagara_Advanced_Particles map → example 1.4 shows niagara sampling the g-buffer. (Could be used in conjunction with lidar data maybe?)