Animate Objects without matinee and skeleton?

Okay I want to animate a desser which just should have a linear animation that I can call and reverse.

-As you can imange with a level matinee I can not do that (I got like 50 of them in my scene and therfore they shoud be reletive and with this reverse thing it should be in blueprint).

-I also dont want to rig the thing with skeletons because I also dont know how they work at all and its a bit wierd for a so simple animation. But I would be doing this.

I want to have a solution in the blueprint editor. I also tried move to component but this is on world scale and does wierd things like jumping around rotating even though my collisions are top.

Thanks in advance

do that even though I have not figured out how to open any drawer specifficly (line trace + cast but not found out yet)