Animate fingers of the hand of the vr template

Hello !
i’m trying to implement a vr glove with unreal that return the position of each finger.
I managed to get the values from the glove in real time on unreal and now i would like to know if it’s possible to update the position of each finger separetly (of the default hand in the vr template) in real time.
I just need to rotate the bones on the z axis.
If it’s possible could you tell me how to proceed, i’m not familiar with the animation system.

Have you tried updating bone values in your AnimBlueprint with a ‘Transform Bone’ node?

You could read values from the glove and update individual finger bones in the blueprint. One node for each bone. There is a project available for LeapMotion devices which works like that. You might want to search for it for study.

Thank You !
Perfect answer.