animate camera with free mouselook

i want to make a matinee cameratour in which the user can look around with the mouse, but not walk.
i have tried to animate a target point, and a camera actor matinee. but i did not get the mouse-look control to work.

maybe someone can help here?

Oh that is a great question!

I believe you can do that if in your matinee, you animate only the location settings, but not the rotation settings of the camera!

When you add the camera in the matinee, you can right click the movement channel and ‘break rotation and location’.

Try breaking it and setting no key frames in the rotation track!

Now, to make a camera that is not the player to rotate based on mouse control, you’ll either have to:

  1. Make the target camera that will be animated a blueprint actor, and inside its blueprint you copy the same behaviour that makes the player camera rotate based on mouse movement from the player blueprint to the new actor blueprint.

  2. In player blueprint, when the camera animation happens, you use the node called “Set view target w/ blend” to blend from ‘player controller’ to the camera that will be animated. This node allows you to blend cameras, but I’m not entirely sure if it will be enough to allow you to rotate the new camera using your mouse!


(Oh, and by the way, you don’t necessarily need to create the 'Set view target w/ blend" node inside the player blueprint, you can do it in the level blueprint or anywhere else you want)

hi maranbe!
thanks for your answer! its a nice idea!
but you cannot copy the blueprint-stuff from a “Player controller” class, to a “actor” class. some blueprint parts get lost in actor blueprint.

push still not working for me :-/