animate a rotation

Hi, im new to unreal engine and im trying to make my first game!
i’m making some simple animation for opening things like drawer, but i can’t do it for the rotation… to make all the animation im using interfaces > adding a tag to my meshes > flip flop > timeline > lerp > set relative location/rotation but it doesnt work properly.
How can i rotate the mesh like the first image and not the second one?

I’m not sure what this has to do with animation, but your pictures just look like the difference between using local rotation and world rotation in the viewport. One of the buttons in the upper right can change it back and forth.

Rotation will depend entirely on where your object pivot point is (the point which your object will rotate around). It looks like the pivot point is in the right spot so now we just have to do some logic.

Create an actor BP. Add a static mesh component. Set your turn handle as the static mesh in the options. In your event tick, drag the static mesh component into your blueprint to get a reference to it. Pull off of the reference pin and type in add local rotation. Right click the rotator pin and select “break rotator” Then set the zaw value to something like 10. This should show your handle turning in local space.

Now, you shouldn’t actually use an event tick for this, that would be overkill. Instead, google UE4 timeline tutorial so you can learn more about how to animate something over a timeline, so it doesn’t just turn perpetually.

Hopefully that explanation at least points you in the right direction.

thank you so much, i appreciated <3