Animate a ceiling fan

I Will like animate a celiing fan how to animate it? link me a video and turn on by light switch please and thank you

hi @MasterDylan20

this cannot be just a simple heres a video enjoy!

there are 2 parts to this, trigger by switch, a simple google search for a youtube tutorial will bring up plenty of ways to interact objects.

the aniimation of the fan is different based on your mesh.

Now easiest way would be a 2 part mesh 1 for the celing pole and another for the fan blades. it could be as simple as setting a looping rotation blueprint on the blades.

do you have the fan mesh already?

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yes I do I download on Sketchfab which file should I be using glb file? and with the animate it attach I’m new to Fortnite unreal

oh its another fortnite, sorry the forums dont distinguish between engines , and i didnt notice the fortnite tag sorry. its getting confusing

the UEFN is different and doesnt use blueprints i dont think so you have to use a script using Verse.
unfotunatley i dont play or edit fortnite so i wouldnt know the best way to do this , tho i know you can use sequencer if you have a skeletal mesh.

Animation and Cinematics | Epic Developer Community (

oh man but Thank you for your time and your help

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Hi Dylan,

If you’re new to UE It will be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basics of Sequencer.

Place a ‘Cinematic Sequence Device’ and a ‘Button’ (From Fortnite/Devices folder) into your scene.

In your ‘ProjectName Content’ folder Right-Click and Create a Level Sequence (Cinematics → Level Sequence)

Place your Fan Mesh into your scene and add it to sequencer. (With it selected, Click the +Track button in sequencer and “Add actor to Sequencer”)

Expand the ‘Transform’ drop down in Sequencer, and animate/keyframe the rotation. (When you can scrub back and forth in your sequencer track and see it rotate you’ll know you’re making progress) You will probably also want to drag the red-line at the end of the sequence to shorten the animation.

Then in the ‘Cinematic Sequence Device’ you placed before, set ‘Sequence’ to the one you created and enable ‘loop playback’

Then also on the Sequence Device, add a element to the ‘Toggle Pause Function’ array, and link your Button + and assign the OnInteract function of the button.

Let us know how it goes!

Thank you for a long explanation but I have a problem it is going up not spinning Around

Great set of instructions to follow. I had no idea this could be done so I went ahead and made a tutorial for it. Thanks for posting all that!


You are awesome Thank you for sharing this video to everyone I learn better when you show something like this I Really New UFEN Fortnite I Will be back to ask more questions lol Thank you again

You’re welcome

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