Animate a 2D pan/zoom camera

Hi to all, i don’t know if this is the correct subforum but as the title says there’s a way to animate a 2d pan/zoom camera like in maya?

So i can obtain a “slide” of the viewport in a 2d drawing style instead of having a 3d movement with all the camera perspective.

An example:

Thank you!

In the level viewport split it into two panels (or more if you want) and select one as a ‘top’ perspective. Then you can move the camera on a 2d only axis.

as far as I know, there’s no crop on a camera’s sensor,
so it’s not possible to do what a maya panzoom does
nor is it possible to do the fake 2D screenshake some camera rigs do with the unreal cameras

off the top I guess you could fake it with render targets and pan a grid with that texture in front of the final recording camera
but I don’t think cameras can do what maya is doing out of the box