Animatable null point for gravity generating mesh

Can you have a mesh generate its own gravity?
Can you animate this around, move it or have gravity connected to a null you can animate?
Thank you.

In other words can you create a “flying magnet?” :slight_smile:

Here is what someone did in UDK that looks really great I think:

[I didn’t use any physics actors or anything similar. The code is made up off 3 main components, one being a modified KActor, the other an extended PlayerController/Pawn combo and a custom Actor used to control the direction of every object in the scene. My code was designed that every dynamic object in the scene can have a different gravity direction. This means that this could be easily achieved using my code. However, In the object that controls the gravity of each actor I don’t check against other objects of the same kind, so only one object can be used per scene (=only one gravity center). But I did think about that too and I may create a new controller object that will support more than one gravity center, it would be pretty easy to code.]