Animals attack animation pushes player away and out of the damage sphere trace

I have an animal creature and it is supposed to deal damage by a sphereTraceByChannel called during its attack animation. The problem I’m having is that both my playable character and the animal collision set to BlockAll for various reasons, but the two keep bouncing off each other when they get too close, sometimes you will get launched away from the animal. When the animal does it’s bite animation it pushes the player away and out of the damage zone. Maybe 1 in 5 attacks will actually work.
Below are my temporary collision settings in the animal. I narrowed down the problem to Pawn, its current setting will do damage but it does not ragdoll properly on death. I need to set it back to block Pawns.

This is how I made its bite animations deal damage.

Is there any way I can keep the collision on BlockAll but NOT have them launching off each other?
Or if anyone knows a better way to deal damage for an animal with attack animations I’ll take any help I can get.

Create a new custom collision channel and set it to block all except for the pawn or whichever is causing the problem or whichever collision you want to change. That should give you the extra collision to maintain your current collisions, with the exception of whatever is causing your problem…

You can find those under project settings or editor preferences… one of those two can’t remember off the top of my head. You can make 18 new custom channels I believe.

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When I adjust the collision settings either the animal ragdolls properly on death OR it attacks properly without the player bouncing off. For whatever reason the pawn collision has to do with both and I can only get one or the other.

You may need to Set Collision Enabled to no collision on the capsule component the moment before or after you simulate physics.

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This isn’t the type of solution I was looking for, but it definitely does work. Thanks, you truly are an asset to the humans.

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