Animal Skin Models Pack (Fox, Sheep, Goat, Rabbit)

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These animal skins are a stylish floor, or furniture decoration for your architectural visualizations and game environments.
The pack includes a fox, rabbit and goat skin, as well as two sheep skins.

Each of the animal skins comes in 7 levels of detail. This ensures that the model pack is perfect for ArchViz, high-end PC / Console games, as well as VR games.
Just choose the LOD(s) best suited for your project.

The models are based on photogrammetry scans, which makes them photo-realistic.
While not relying on any fur simulations, so they’re perfectly suited for real-time rendering in Unreal Engine 4!

Each animal skin has an albedo, normals and a composite texture containing roughness, curvature for optional additional albedo details and a fuzz texture.
The pack contains a master material which utilizes these textures to realistically render the animal skins.
As well as a material instance for each animal skin with the suggested, but of course tweakable, parameters for each skin.

No animals were hurt to create this product.
Technical Specifications:

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Props scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Texture Size: All textures are in 4096x4096 resolution
Collision: Yes, automatically generated
LODs: All models have 7 LODs with: 50k, 25k, 12.5k, 6.2k, 3.1k, 1.5k and 780 tris
Number of Meshes: 35
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 1 Material, 5 Material Instances
Number of Textures: 15
Engine Compatibility: 4.17.x / 4.18.x / 4.19.x
Supported Development Platforms: PC, Consoles, VR

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