Animal Pack Ultra AI animation help Plz will even pay if needed

I purchased the Animal Pack Ultra AI and am trying to turn the wolf and bear into AI that I will be placing out in the woods but I canot get them to move or anything. The only thing I can get them to do is go through the random animation sequence but beyond that they will rotate towards the player when they perceive him/her with the sight sense. but no movement to animation transition I have spend the past 2 weeks trying to get anythign to work but have had 0 success I have watched every tutorial I can find online involving AI and Animations that are relatively close and they are all NO GOs 0 success… please help me I would even be willing to pay for someones time in walking me through everything ofcourse I would pay after the AI and animations are setup and workign since every tutorial i have completed step for step does not work and i cannot figure out why. please in desperate need of some hand holding here through it all.

Take breath and write step by step what is working what is not, and what do you expect that should work.

Hey there,

I’ve been working on animal AI since January and have learned a lot since then. I’ll try to help you if I can. What exactly is the problem? Is the AI working correctly but not playing the animations? Or are you asking for help with the AI itself?

Can you post pictures of your BT setup? Show us your BP setup as well, otherwise its very hard to help :slight_smile:

In case you are interested - my project is doing exactly what you looking for and its compatible with the Animal Pack Ultra - Animal Behavior Kit

Do you have a navmesh in your scene?