Anim8or and UE4?

Hey guys.

Would UE4 and Anim8or be able to work together?
Like I could make a model and Animate it and import it into UE4?

Probably not. Why would you want to use Anim8tor anyways? Blender is free and way better

Because Blender’s GUI is a tourture device from the Spanish inquisition.

I dont know the program, but as long as you can export fbx files, you should be abel to create your stuff in Anim8or :slight_smile:

Only .3ds
Maybe… Just maybe.

Then you will have to use 3ds max/C4D/maya or blender :wink:

Could I use the Autodesk convertor?
Or import it into blender than export?
If not… Then I will have to go back to blender for animating…

It could work, but you will have to test it with the latest version of blender → in the earlier versions it was not possible, because the .3ds importer was not so good :slight_smile:
But I personally would recommend you to directly animate your character in blender, because it will cause less problems (in my team we had a 3ds max → blender → UE4 workflow and it was a pain…)

I guess I will give it a go!
I just downloaded the latest blender last night!
I’m on a steak of making things that shouldn’t work, work right now! They said a 5.25in Floppy doesn’t work on Win7! But now it does… :slight_smile: Let’s hope this works.

I got it to work! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I’m going to try to mess with it a little more later. But wow! It works!

The way with the .3ds file + blender works? :slight_smile:

Yes, It seems to work fine! (I have done this with wings3d before!)
I’m going to try the autodesk convertor next.
If that works too, it will be official. Anim8tor and UE4 will be compatible in a sense. (I also need to test animation a little more.)

The autodesk convertor works best.
I make the model in anim8tor, then fix it up in blender. Then export it from blender as a .3ds. Then I convert it to .fbx with the convertor!
No errors! :slight_smile: Now I will try the animation when I get a chance.