Anim Trails doesn't appears after packaging

Hi guys

I have a little big problems with the Anim Trails, after packaging my game, when I execute it, the trails never appears. Anyclue why this is happening?

I was getting ready to report this, but I have the same problem.

I have tested on several pcs and all my anim trails that work fine in un-cooked games. However, in packaged games it does not work.

Since this seems to happen with the 4.11 update, the only thing i see in the release notes changes is:

New: AnimNotifies for trail effects can recycle ParticleSystemComponents, to avoid spawning them each time and avoid the template setup cost. This is enabled by default.

Trails are not limited to PSCs spawned by the trails (though those are preferred), so a persistent effect can be spawned for an actor and reused forever.

Optimized some internal functions to avoid dynamic memory allocations. Optimized editor code for trails to avoid creating FText for every update.

still if I deactivate the recycle ParticleSystemComponents I still have the same problem here with 4.11 :frowning:

I’ve tried turning off the new allow recycling and it makes no difference on the cooked game, still broke.

I believe this is a bug and hopefully this post catches someone from Epic’s eyes =) to confirm if its already known or not.

I have confirmed that the bug happens to both the Anim notifies trail effect directly on an animation asset or to an attached particle system component to the character using the trail particle system. I use both in my game and both implementations are broke only on COOKED games.

The next step that Epic will ask is if you can reproduce this in a new project or not. I won’t be able to test it until tomorrow just do to my work schedule, but if you had the time to, that would be great.

if they ask me, I will answer and try to reproduce the problem ^^

Hey guys,

Thanks for reporting this. I wasn’t able to find a specific bug report for this, but it appears to be fixed in 4.12.