.anim to .fbx?

Hello all,
I just received some .anim animations and was curious if I could use them in the Unreal Engine? I know that Unreal supports .fbx files, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a program to convert the file type? Thank you so much!

Hello, I’ve made a plugin to import .anim files into UE4 for one of my project, here is the source :

You could give it a try !

Hey, I tried using you plugin but my project would crash when I tried to import the animation. Does it require a specific engine version?

It is based on a 4.26.2 release but with a custom engine git for the binaries… Can you try to recompile it for your engine maybe ? Or I could try to make it with the official install when I have the time…

Oh It crash when importing ? In this case do you have a callstack maybe ? in the log for example ? If you want you can send me the base skeletal mesh and the animation that I could test on my machine to see if it’s a simple fix to make or not…

Here is the crash log, I will dm you the animations and skeleton.

Oh the .anim file you sent me is not a YAML text file. So I don’t know maybe it’s compressed ? When I developped the plugin I had .anim files in YAML format…

Maybe there is a way to export the .anim file in YAML text format instead of this one which seems to be binary unity format ?