Anim state machine debug logging

Trying to debug an animation state machine is driving me nuts, I figured for sure there must be some log setting somewhere that would let me output transition events with times. Couldn’t find anything.
I think this would really help and should be easy to implement.

Anyone have any tips for debugging animations generally? I found ‘showdebug animation’, but it seemed to be ignoring most of my commands and I have no idea how to choose the target. From the docs it seems this gives no info on state machines anyway though.

Have you tried attaching the Persona debugger to an instance in the world? Open the Anim BP while in PIE and pick an in-game instance from the Object to Debug drop-down. It shows the current weights and active transitions of the states visually.

Michael Noland

Hi Michael, thanks for the response.

Yep actually I had discovered that functionality, and it’s true that in most cases that is probably sufficient. In my case though I was trying to debug an issue where states were transitioning immediately when they shouldn’t, sometimes multiple transitions in a single frame. Obviously in cases like that a realtime visual display (without breakpoint functionality) isn’t much help, and having a log to browse after the fact would be useful.

Fair enough. I normally just use the visuals and and if I notice two states pingponging instantly I look at the transition rules for it and diagnose from there. I don’t even normally use PIE since you can exercise the inputs that drive the transitions directly in Persona.

Tracking down traversal across multiple states can be trickier; I can see where a tracepoint log would be useful there for sure.

Michael Noland

I second the request for good Anim State Machine Debug Logging. This would be very useful!


Has there been anything on this? I am having an animated door close instantly instead of taking a full second as I would expect and I could use a logging mechanism to see why—it has me stumped.