Anim notify to trigger an event

Hello guys. I want to ask, is there a way to use anim notify in persona, to trigger an event in my character BP? I know how to play a sound or spawn some particles and I think it would be really handy to do more.
I have an animation where my character does a big swing with a baseball bat and does damage to the enemy. I would like that the damage was only applied at a certain point in the animation. If it is possible, could someone tell me how? Cheers

You have to go through your animation blueprint to do this. First create a custom notify in your animation track. Then inside your animation blueprint, add the notify event. You can either use an event dispatcher, interface message or call the parent pawn directly from that event.

I have not tested it myself, but there is very likely some way to connect a delegate (event dispatcher) directly to your notify from the character blueprint. I suggest going with the animation blueprint route for now, it’s easier to get started with.