Anim Notify State Begin Notify Fire More Than Once?

Hello everyone. recently ive encountered this issue that it seems that my anim notify states begin fire more than one time when i print stuff to check. for example i have different anim states for moving my character and other one for attacking. is this a bug or am i missing something? This more likely seem to happen when some kind of function happen in another state notifier and they overlap or something but it doesnt make any sense

My guess is that you have notifies in movement animations that are blended using a blendspace too?

If so, there’s some option “Notify Trigger Mode” in the blendspace which needs to be set to “Highest Weighted Animation”. So only one animaton triggers the blendspace.

Just comment if you need more help.

hello. thank you for answer. actually i found out the issue which was causing this . it wasnt due to any blendspace but in my attack notify state i pause the montage and resume again (for hit pause effect when attacking enemies) which cause all the notify states being active at that current state to rerun begin and end notify. now my question is there anyway i can fix it?

Thank you for answer. I found out where the issue is coming from. its actually from anim montage being paused and resumed which makes it rerun the current running anim notify state begin and end notify again. is there anyway to go around it?

I don’t think there’s a similar setting for montages…

Why do you need to pause/resume the montages. Can I imagine like when in turn based combat an enemy engages you, the game pauses so you can take action? I’d try things like these with SetGamePaused or SetGlobalTimeDilation.