Anim Notify get called twice, and it calls both as a client and server

So I replicate a montage, which has anim notifies in it. I Multicast and Run on server the montage. What happens is that the anim notifiy is called twice, to cap it all the client calls it telling its Authority and its really weird. Help me fix it plz

I’m sort of having a similar issue right now. I’m not multicasting the play montage though I see now that I should. Try adding an authority check in your blueprint animation where the anim notify is triggered. It should only trigger whatever you’re doing if the handling object has authority. That’s not resolving the issue on my end, but try and see if you have different results.

My particular instance seems bizarre to me. I am working on a simple reload animation that has 3 notifies (removed magazine, attached magazine, pulled weapon hammer). The removed magazine notify is only firing once, but then the attached magazine one is firing twice, which then triggers the pulled hammer to trigger twice.

Please do share if you find a solution.

Actually, I think I just resolved the issue! I believe that the Montage’s sections themselves act as anim notifies, so if you added anim notifies to it, you are essentially triggering them twice. Try removing your anim notifies and just let the sections act as your notifies.