Anim Notify ALWAYS plays on server

I have footstep sounds and particle fx playing on an anim notify, but no matter what I do the sound/particles will always play for the server.

My Anim BP:

GIF to more accurately explain the issue I’m having.

No matter if the client or server moves, the sound/FX will always play for the server. I have “Trigger on Dedeicated Server” turned off in all the Anim Notifies, I am not replicating the sound/fx in any way.

Are you running as a “listen server”? If so, then the issue is with your GetPlayerCharacter call. It’s grabbing player index 0, which will always return the local player in this scenario, hence why you hear foot steps on the server side…and see the foot step fx on the server side player.

EDIT: Out of curiosity, is this animation notify inside of a re-usable animnotify blueprint or is it apart of the animation blueprint you’re using for your character? If it’s the latter, then a simple fix would be to create a reference to the owning character on beginplay…then use that reference instead of your GetPlayerCharacter call. If you’re in an animnotify blueprint then you might have access to the node “TryGetPawnOwner” but I don’t have an editor in front of me to test that.


Thanks for the reply, I am using anim notify in the anim BP, I also tried using TryGetPawnOwner and the results are the same. I also am running the server as a listen server so I’m guessing what you described is exactly the issue.

What can I do, if anything to fix this?

TryGetPawnOwner paired with IsLocallyControlled doesn’t do the trick?

I fixed it by setting a reference to the character in the character BP, thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Success!! Nice work.