"Anim Notifies" vs "Collision event"?

Regarding Zak’s tutorial on setting up anim notifies, presumably duplicate events will have to be
set up in all anim sequences where a foot is expected to trigger something when it hits the floor:

As such, if there are 8 different (blendable) anim sequences they will all require the same treatment.

Is there any reason why the collision sphere approach can’t be used instead (i.e. added to the character’s feet to perform a simple intersect test with the ground every other frame (using trace?). It would only have to be done once and would work for all anim sequences.

Is there any reason why the collision method would be a bad idea? e.g. performance reasons?
(if there are many pawn characters using the same method).

I don’t imagine it would cause much slowdown but I would nevertheless expect it to be considerably less efficient, but more importantly that would be a less accurate way of syncing something like a sound effect with the animation and it runs the risk of triggering when you don’t want it to.

If your issue is that you want to call the same event from different sequences, you could put the functionality in a custom event and call that event from the 8 notifies.