Anim Notifies Paragon Characters

Hi All

I am trying to work through these Paragon characters, I have noticed that within the anim notifies there is a RightPlant and LeftPlant which I presume is for the feet touching a surface or ground. However, when I try add these notifies as animnotifies within the anim BP they are not listed, I have to manually add each one ie rightfootstep and leftfootstep, is there a way round this.

I have the same problem the notifications are then on the animation tracks fro RightPlant and LeftPlant, but they are not in the ‘manage notifies’ list (you right click on the timeline to bring this up), and there are no events for them. It would be a pain to have to recreate these events.

I think I worked something out here. RightPlant and LeftPlan aren’t notification labels, they are sync markers. It’s hard find how these are set up. They are last menu item if you click on the track to add a notification. Sync markers (I think) are used as a way to sync the timing of different animations. You can hook these using EventTick in the Third Party Character and check if the marker is in frame using HasMarkerBeenHitThisFrame. I don’t know what the performance hit of this operation is during Event ticks.

You also need to know the Sync group name which can be seen in the Asset details when you select on the locomotion node a from the state machine and then select the node which performs the animation and then expand the Sync Group section.