Anim Notifes don't trigger when placed at beginning or end of animation

In the image below, placing anim notifies at the beginning or end in an animation sequence does not trigger them. I’m forced to place them a frame inside the animation for them to properly fire. Even then, during low framerate, notifiers that are close to the edges tend not to trigger.


I’ve attempted to mess around with a few settings like adjusting the Montage Tick Type to “Branching Point”, adjusting the trigger weight threshold, and removing any blending between animations. However, nothing actually solves the issue.

What else can I do here?

It’s to do with the blending for sure. If you’ve got something critical to do with a notify, I highly recommend using NotifyStates instead, because their beginning and end will “move” in the timeline based on blending as long as any part of the state is active when the notify’s weight is sufficient/insufficient.