Anim montage slides back to orgin

I play a slashing anim montage for my character which works fine. The problem is, I have an anim Notify at the very start of the slashing animation to check a bool to see if we were set to true, then it will play a Hit Reaction animation but if it’s false, it continues to the slashing animation.

All that works but at the end of the Hit Reaction animation it slides back to the idle position animation. I think this happens because the Hit Reaction animation pushes the character back a few feet. It looks weird because the character, after the Hit Reaction animation slides back to where the idle position was before the Hit Reaction animation. I just can’t figure out how to fix the slides back to position. It looks like it’s “rubber banding”, I have tired enable root motion, which, totally made the animation look horrible…

I even tried to get the position of the character before the hit reaction animation and then spawn him in the location when the animation is done but it still does that freaking slide back to position (or rubber banding back to origin). I don’t know. I was so desperate I even tried the “teleport” node. Which again, slide back to position.

Any thoughts?

See the gif. At the end of the animation, you can see the character slides back to the original position. I just want the character to stay at the position where the animation ends… not slide back to position where idle was.