Anim Montage Jump to next Section or Set next section not working

Hey guys, i was implementing a combat system and i’m having a major issue with the animation montages. The setup is quite simple. In my character blueprint i have a action button that triggers and starts the montage. In my animation blueprint while the first animation is firing there is a short decision windows for the player to hit the attack button again. If he does i was suppose to head into swing number 2 and so forth however. Both nodes are not responding as intended. Here are some screenshots. The play and wait montage node in my animation blueprint is causing my editor to crash as well. I was trying to do all montage logic in the animation bp.

Hi LuLima,

Due to the number of variables involved, it is difficult to troubleshoot animation issues without having the project to work with. Therefore, can you provide your project in a private message to me on our ?



Okay let me send it over.

I ran your AnimBlueprint in Debug mode and saw that your condition to enter sword 3 start is set up incorrectly. Also I was not able to recreate the crash on our work station.

Another concern is that you have a number of duplicate slots. This has proven to be problematic in the past. Remove duplicate slots and, if the duplicates are being used in additon to the originals, rename them.

Hi, I am trying to do the same thing using a series of punches and would love to better understand whats going on here.

I get the principal… if the attack trigger is pressed the sequence will begin, if pressed again within the window it will proceed to stage 2 of the attack and again for stage 3, otherwise it will reset to the beginning and end the attack…

(I Think)

That said, how and where to implement it is a bit beyond me right now.

I have already set up a montage that does play all 3 attacks in a row and its working well.
I just need to brake them up in the above fashion

Any advice would be appreciated

How is it set incorrectly? Using jump to next section is not right?
Secondly the engine is creating the duplicate slots. Try to create another slot in my project it is suppose to do that.

Sorry I wasn’t more specific before. I ran this in debug and found that (or it appeared to me that) after you make the decision to run the second attack, the notification to reset the montage to the beginning of all three animation sequences was placed at the beginnig at the second animation decision area so that the option to play the third animation is never made available to the player. If this is not correct, please explain and I’ll take another look.

As for the engine creating duplicate slots, this was an issue that was corrected before but is being reported from another user in this version of the engine so it may likely be a bug. If that is the case, I’ll have that repro’d and reported and will make a note of it here, as soon as possible.

*addendum: Something else that led me to the conclusion the set up to enter the 3rd animation is set up incorrectly was that, nudging the notifies around, and tapping the attack button in rapid succession when playing in editor, I was able to enter that transition some of the time, but not often.

So letme see if i got it, the reset attack is being called before the second decision window is evaluated? But the branching point notify shouldn’t be called on the spot?
If you exemplify how it should be done will paint a better picture for me.

Slot names appearing as duplicates has been reported as JIRA [UE-21647] and is currently being worked on.