Anim Montage Completed [Feature Request]

Playing an animation and having the system tell us when it’s completed exists in UDK, yet not in UE4. It’s invaluable and sorely missed.

Can we please get an output from the Montage Play node for a “Completed” event to just automatically fire for us?

I’m having the hardest time organizing my animation blueprints when I have to insert a constant check for if the montage is playing or not. We have to add a sequence to fire the montage on a DoOnce, then check if it’s playing, then reset the sequence. If this is a two way montage (meaning two montages to play a forwards vs reverse animation)…we need 6 sequences to organize it.

Take ironsights for example.

Then0 -> DoOnce(A) - Play Montage1 (ToAim)
Then1 -> Is Playing(Montage1) -> branch -> Aim=True
Then 2 -> Reset DoOnce(B)

Then0 -> DoOnce(B) - Play Montage2 (FromAim)
Then1 -> IsPlaying(Montage2) -> branch -> Aim=False
Then 2 -> Reset DoOnce(A)

BranchPoints and AnimNotifies are terrible methods of trying to have reliable code. Anim Notifies are asynchronous and branch points aren’t even in the latest version of the engine anymore. Or am I missing something obvious?

I see a bind event on montage end, but that’s another can of worms I just ran away from screaming.

I’m not trying to be pushy but I’ve found another case where having a completed node that fires when a montage completes would help out tremendously.

I’m making a reload animation and playing it with a montage. I don’t want the player to be able to aim or shoot the weapon while the reload animation is currently happening.

I’ve been able to avoid using tick in my player character all the way up until this point. I now don’t have a reliable way to indicate the reload animation is finished unless I check it every tick. At this point I’m thinking I DO need a branch point. I think. I mean…do I? Am I the only one that doesn’t like my animation blueprint making logic decisions and prefer it to just stay in its place and not try to aspire for more than it is? I’m gonna stomp all over its dreams in the end anyway, why give it hope?

My reload animation is a server function as it stands so that players can’t be filthy hackzors with their ammo and I also want other players seeing each other reload if they’re in view so they can know that it’s a good time to take advantage of the situation and unleash all manner of ill content upon them while they’re helpless little useless rabbits.