Anim Montage -> Blend Space


I play animation montages in my Animation Blueprint

but now I want to use blend spaces

how can I play blend space or mix them with anim montages ?


Hey @phil123456!

Can you be a bit more specific on your usage here? Why are you needing to add a blendspace into an animation montage? You should be able to use a blendspace to switch between your animations, but I’m not exactly sure if that is what you are looking for in this scenario.

If you can further explain and possibly provide screenshots it will go a long way in to helping get you exactly what you need.

In the meantime, check out this non-Epic affiliated video on blendspaces:

Introducing: the Blendspace | Adv. Anim Application [UE4]

Any additional information you can provide will be a big help in solving your problem.

montages have so many advantages:

  • I can disable the blend out option
  • I also can use montage notifications (that remain even after replacing the animation)

so I tried

  • drag drop an anim montages in the 1D blend space, it says invalid asset

  • also there is no way to convert the blend space to an anim montage neither

I really want to be able to play the blend space from the animation blueprint

Hey @phil123456,

Why specifically would you need a blendspace for your montages. Generally speaking your blendspace is for things that are usually always active like running, while a montage can be blended on top of that for specific bones.

There are things like Blend In/Blend Out features accessible in the blueprints which can specify how your montage blends on top sort of like how a blendspace would work:

I’m also not exactly sure why you would want to disable blend out, because that is exactly the same effect a blendspace would have.

Maybe I am missing something that you want to do, but I am not sure that blending montages is what you need. If you can better clarify your use case that should help determine what it is you need.

Any additional information you provide can be a big help in solving your problem.

I found a way by using use a simple blend node
it blends 2 montages on separate slots