Anim Graph

Hi All thank you for this great game creation experience. I Love it so Far.


The problem I have is I Created a character from scratch and animated the effects of the keys being pressed.

No the problem is that when I move forward I can walk and the animation plays.
But as soon as I jump The animation still walks

Here is my anim blue print information

<Female state>

                                       Jump up

entry walk/Idle In Air

                                       End Jump

entry > walk/idle > jump up > in air > end jump > walk/idle


State <walk/idle>
<speed><----------><new blend space><----------><OutputAnimation>

Trans<Transition Rule>
<is in air?><----------><can enter transition> <β€” lightning icon: Fast Path enabled

State <Jump Up>
<play jump up anim><----------><OutputAnimation>

     &lt;Transition Rule&gt;         
     &lt;Time Remaining &lt;ratio&gt; (Jump_Up_Anim&gt;&lt;----------&gt;&lt;  &lt; ] 0.0, 0.1&gt;&lt;----------&gt;&lt;can enter transition&gt;

State <In Air>
<play InAir Anim><----------><OutputAnimation>

Trans<Transition Rule>
<is in air?><----------><NOT><----------><can enter transition> <β€” lightning icon: Fast Path

State <End Jump>
<play jump end anim><----------><OutputAnimation>

Trans<Transition Rule>
<Time Remaining (ratio) (End_Jump_Anim)><---------->< < ] 0.0, 0.1><----------><can enter transition>

State <walk/idle>
<play jump up anim><----------><OutputAnimation>

Hope you can Help out

Thank you

Better if you paste a snap of the anim graph. If is the walk anim still plays even after jumping check your condition to transition to the jumping state.

Do you set and update that β€œis in air?” bool somewhere (like TryGetPawnOwner->CastToCharacter->CharacterMovement->IsFalling->Set Is in air? If yes I would recommend to look at the state machine while you play and check if it is taking all transitions as expected. If it gets stuck somewhere and you are using Time Remaining <ratio> check if you set those anims (Jump up / End Jump) to non-looping.