Anim graph not appearing

I am new to 4.8 and was doing some work tonight and was going to add a state machine and for some reason my anim graph is not where it should be. Doing some digging online I believe it is a bug or maybe they changed it and I havnt found where? HALP I need a state machine for work ASAP

Hi Sharkman1923…The Animgraph is located in the AnimBlueprint here:

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yup thats what I thought, my anim graph is just not there

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Your blueprint is a child / derived blueprint. You will only have an anim graph available in a parent / non-derived animation blueprint.

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Thank you Exelcior. I had this issue too. Problem Solved…The confusion was caused when creating a new Blueprint, I thought it was asking for a Parent BP to be selected as well as the skeleton.

But it wasn’t mandatory to select a parent Blueprint. Problem solved - thanks!

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Why is this a feature? I find that driving animations through code and having the graph for all the visual stuff beats both individually by a landslide.

Creating a basic animation blueprint then reparenting to a custom class allows you to have the graph in a derived blueprint, and I’ve been using it this way for quite a while now with no problems. Just seems a bit weird to me.

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So this just happened to me today. Here are two ways to try and find it and both worked for me pretty easily. First is to check the left hand side of your window. Under the preview window you should have a tab, within that tab you should see Graphs with at least EvenGraph listed and then Animation Graphs with AnimGraph listed under it. Click the arrow next to AnimGraph then double click the AnimGraph that drops down.

The second way is to go to the top of the window and click the menu item Window. In that menu click Find Results which opens a box at the bottom of the window. In the search bar type AnimGraph and press Enter. Double click AnimGraph and it should open up.

If neither of these options work for you there might be something else wrong.


finally a descent answer

Thank you, good directions and also more than one solution!

finally get real usefull answer,thank you