Anim Dynamics not working in built project

Using 4.24.2

It’s me again Margaret. So yeah, topic name says it all. Set up anim dynamics on my anim blueprint so’s I could add some jiggly bits (JIGGLY) without going through the whole rigid body thang. Works in editor and PIE, but not in shipped or development build. It’s not a huuuuuge deal, but at the same time it’s frustrating to set all that stuff up just for it to not work.

Only thing that’s different from previous versions of project is that I’m now using sub anim instances. Anim dynamics was on the Main ABP along with Two Bone IK. IK seems to be working fine in build, but dynamics isn’t.

So turns out that PIE is not a valid way of testing anim dynamics (at least not for me). AD’s were working, but the results differ between PIE and a standalone game, meaning I’ve found myself having to launch in standalone every time I want to test them… which is a pain to say the least. I’m guessing this stems from having 2 instances of the engine running in one session (the editor and the PIE window) whereas the standalone is running in its own environment so to speak. Know my lingo probably isn’t the best at describing the situation, but I’m not a programmer, just an artist with delusions of grandeur.

Mmyep :expressionless: